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If you’ve not ordered garage door parts before, browse through this list of FAQs that will guide you towards buying the right components.

How can I insulate my non-insulated door?

If you have a non-insulated door, insulating kits are available for purchase so that you can have your door insulated in no time. However, for proper application, it is best to call our experts and have them do the process for you. This way, you are sure that your door is indeed well insulated, ensuring safety and security on your end.

Should I replace my tracks if I change my existing door?

If you intend to change your existing door, our specialists  highly recommend that you replace the tracks as well. This is because most garage doors are designed to function well with a particular track set. This will also guarantee that your garage door will operate as safely as possible, and will smoothly run for a long time.

Why is there a gap under the garage door?

Did you check the condition of the bottom seal lately? If it is worn, it would leave a substantial gap, which would compromise your security and insulation of the property. The experts of our Garage Door Repair company recommend checking the opener, cables and springs, too. The smallest problem to the major garage door parts could keep the door from closing all the way down. Regular service would solve these problems quicker.

What is so special about aluminum garage doors?

Another material used for garage doors is aluminum. The aluminum version comes innumerous designs like that of the steel one. Most of the time, it offers homeowners durable finishes and wood-grain embossing. The sturdy and durable versions of this door type come with extruding framesplus laminated panels that are dent-resistant, rustproof and rugged. Aluminum doorprices can vary greatly and are dependent on the other materials present that make it lightweight and more durable.

Why extra light sensors are important?

Thieves don't like working under lights and won't approach a house with too much lights in the garden and the perimeter of garage doors. It will also make you feel safer when you enter the house because the click of remote controls will activate the lights. It will also be helpful installing motion detector lights and this way thieves won't stay for a second.

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