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Why proper seal is vital for garage doors

We often get into trouble with our garage door whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse. If it rains too long or snows, something or other will go wrong with the door and we wrestle with it to get it opened. I’m usually handy with tools and do most of the repairs on my own. But this time I tried all types of maneuvers, but the door wouldn’t even budge an inch.

I finally gave up and decided to call for help. I’d read about the excellence of garage door repair Palm Beach online and I even remember one of my neighbors using the service once. I called up the service and they listened attentively to my complaint and understood all my concerns.

The customer service staff on the phone assured me that a technical expert would soon see to the complaint. And as they promised, a tech arrived soon and had a good look at the stuck door. After checking on the door he said that the seals had worn out because of the extreme weather conditions and water had leaked into the door components. This had caused the doors inability to move up.

The technician replaced the weather seal and explained that although the seal is made to withstand weather conditions with continuous use there are certain parts that get worn out more easily than the rest. The weather stripping is one such part which is used to keep the rain and snow from entering into the garage. It also prevents pests and insects from getting inside.

We also learned that they had an emergency service

He also advised us to look out for signs of failing seal like the garage becoming too cold in winter or precipitation increasing with snow and rain. When reported immediately, the repair personnel can find the break in the seal and replace them with new and durable products.

We also learned that they had an emergency service wherein the repairs will be attended to promptly even when the time is outside of the normal working hours. The repair was done to my utmost satisfaction and I also learnt some quick smart measures to apply when my garage door tries to act up again.

I now have my garage door working as good as new and also I didn’t have to spend much on the repair. The charges were nominal and quite worth it, as the entire repair was done without any hassles on my part. One of the best services I’ve seen so far!

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Case Story | Why proper seal is vital for garage doors