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Tips to buy an energy efficient garage door that serves the purpose, regardless of the season. Learn more about garage doors and their characteristics and find out the best ways to maintain them and keep them working safely.

Check the door sensors

Experts at our company suggest what to check with the door sensors. The sensors’ alignment can be checked with a tape measure. It should be even on both sides of the door. Also check that the garage door opener is connected to the sensor wires. Also check the sensitivity of the sensors by testing if it will react automatically when touching an object.

Check for squeaky springs

Squeaky springs are normal and not a serious problem which may damage or cause life safety issues or severe injuries. However, this condition is very irritating due to the noise. As a solution, you can fix it using lubricants. However, if the noise still persists, check the problem and avoid dangers related to the springs.

Have a basic understanding of your garage door

When you buy an automatic garage door, be sure to read the manual, even if you don’t understand all of the technical jargon. Our experts agree that, while they can fix problems and diagnose them easily, it is also preferable for an owner to explain the problem.

Inspect the cables often

The cables are important parts of the garage door system and they must follow a certain route in order to ensure the door is lifted properly. They're connected with the springs through brackets, wrap around drums and pulleys. If frayed, they must be changed immediately but since they can be dangerous, you should use the assistance of our specialists.

Garage door spring replacement

There are two springs so check both the extension and the torsion. Measure the spring precisely to get its right size and length. Check its coating and choose the most durable one. The coatings may be galvanized, oil tempered, or powder coated. Turn off the mechanism before replacing the springs.

Have a look around

This is an obvious, but often overlooked, tip. Make a habit of visually inspecting your door once a month. You could start with standing outside your closed garage door to look for any signs of rust or peeling paint. Then, go inside and close the door. Have a look at all of the mechanisms and parts to spot any visible signs of wear and tear. Fix whatever problems you find as soon as possible.

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