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How to Avoid Misusing Garage Doors

09/09/2013 Back To Blog

The advantage in Palm Beach is that a well maintained home is one that will last for a long time. However many Florida home owners forget that the way in which they use garage doors determines their longevity. For example, if the children have been playing with the mechanisms then it is highly likely that you will spend a small fortune to replace panels on a fairly regular basis. Likewise you may find that the absence of garage door service and the improper use of the system might lead to terrible accidents.How to Avoid Misusing Garage Doors

Encourage your family to use the door properly

It is probably a good idea to establish some safety rules in order to ensure that everyone understands what their responsibility is. Children are the most sensitive members of each family and the naughtiest ones. They do have a tendency to play with remote controls when they find them around, so it's wise to keep them out of sight. Kids may react to punishment and your observations but they won't forget that you have taught them about the dangers of the overhead door. It's best to know that speeding under the closing door is foolish and dangerous and you can simply tell them why.

One of the potential accidents is when children or pets are trapped under the door. Of course, if you have not been diligent in doing the garage door repairs then you run the risk of actually making things worse. Electronic systems are prone to failure and it would be an absolute disaster if the system failed while there was a member of your family underneath. The consequences could be catastrophic for the family, an outcome that is similar to what would happen if a novice attempted spring repair.

You need to keep in mind that your overhead sectional doors might provide all the comfort in the world but if they are not maintained properly and if they are misused, they could be dangerous. These systems are not toys and neither are their accessories. If you have these things in mind and teach them to the younger members of your family, you will be safe.

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